Experience the thrills of foiling!

Easy, Fun, Fast and Safe Foiling with the Flo1 and FloE!

Aeronamics originated from the desire to make sailing on hydrofoils possible for a larger group of water sports enthusiasts. ‘’We asked our water sports friends how they would like to sail a hydrofoiler and what is important to them. Conveniece, durability and high speed were frequently heard answers.’’ 

The result is a an eye turning design, durable materials and patented DSS technology. With a strong distribution and service network to secure that your Olympian athlete rush feeling is care-free and lasting forever.

The Flo1, a single-person hydrofoil sailboat, was born in 2019 around these criteria. The FloE, an electrically powered hydrofoil boat was born this year, in 2022, The FloE fits in with the objective of ’Easy foiling for everyone’ and is an appropriate and unique addition to the Flo1.

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