About Aeronamics

Our aim was to develop a hydrofoiling sailboat that makes the hydrofoiling experience available to a large group of sailing enthusiasts. So we came up with the Flo1, a boat that is both spectacular and easy to sail.

We asked our sailing friends how they like to sail a hydrofoiler and what is important to them. Simplicity, durability and speed were the answers we received. The boat was designed around these criteria. We designed a stable hull form that behaves very well in non-foiling mode as well. No hassle launching, no fragile structures and a very large speed potential. All with an attractive price tag.

The boats are produced at our own business place in Doetinchem, The Netherlands. Using the latest technologies in boat building an aerodynamic analyses. An efficient and sustainable production process minimizes energy usage. Powered by Qconcepts Design & Engineering.

At the Aeronamics headquarters, team work is key! The video above shows the creation of the Flo1.

The team

Jurian Rademaker 
Owner, development & production

Bob Hensen - Sales manager

Bob Hensen 
Sales manager

Erik Jeuring 
Water programs & Sailing school contact