April 14: Season kick-off with ePoh

On April 14, we will mark the start of the season with a series of demos at our waterbase De Randmeren. It is the start sign of the second season of the Foiling Experience, where sailors of all levels can experience foiling the Flo1. Last season, lots of sailors experienced their first foiling runs on the Veluwemeer.

During the season kick-off, we will receive the French makers of the Epoh, an exciting skiff. The makers of Epoh share Aeronamics’ vision of having a thrilling sailing experience with little effort. The visit of Epoh is part of an exchange – a week later, the team around the Foiling Experience participates in the Foils Journées in Quiberon, Bretagne. The days are fully dedicated to foiling.

On 14 april, De Randmeren is open to the public, so there will be plenty of activities for all ages.

There will be a RIB to watch the Flo1 and Epoh from the water. To make sure to have a place on the RIB, let us know you are coming.

De Randmeren sailing school
Strandweg 1, Biddinghuizen (NL)

Please park on the dyke. The entrance of the sailing school is on the water side.

Saturday, April – 10:00 – 17:00 uur

We hope to see you there!

The Foiling Experience is open for bookings. Learn to foil with up to 4 people. Book yours now from our ‘Try’-page.