Catamaran Racing News – Flo1 by Aeronamics (article)

The Flo1

Aeronamics has created the Flo1 which makes the flying experience accessible to a large group of sailing enthusiasts. It is both spectacular and easy to sail.

Simplicity, durability and speed, the Flo1 was designed around these criteria. Aeronamics has designed a stable hull that works very well in foiling mode as well as in skimming mode. No hassle to launch the boat, no fragile structures and a very high-speed potential. Because of the split mast, you have the option to transport the Flo1 not only on a trailer but also on the car roof.

In experienced hands, the little racer can reach speeds of over 20 knots. However, the principal aim of the new boat was not speed, but to make foiling simple. It is made possible by the self-stabilizing character of the hull. In light winds, the boat reaches boat speeds of 6 to 8 knots and already starts to lift out of the water. Thanks to the integrated DSS system, it is easy to handle for any sailor.

The result is a practical boat with a modern design using sustainable materials.


Length 4.25m
Width: 1.8m
Foiling width: 2.3m
Draft: 0.95m (daggerboard down) – safety release on pivoting daggerboard

Hull weight: 55 kg
Minimum true wind foiling: 6-9 kn

Carbon split mast
Stayed rig

Carbon boom
Glass-Epoxy hull
Carbon DSS foils
Carbon daggerboard
Carbon T-rudder

Quantum batten Main poly black (10.5m2)

Ronstan/Spinlock deck layout
Dutch design & built, Pwrdby Q

Measured top speed: 22 kn

Price: €14.159,50 Ex VAT, Ex Works.

Unique 3 sailing modes:

  1. foils up ‘displacement mode’ and sails like a standard dinghy
  2. both foils down, full foiling, and really stable
  3. windward foil up, the boat comes more playful and challenging

At the moment we are creating a class with the help and support of partners to create an international race fleet tough a leadership board app. This way we create an International Racing Fleet, but when and where you want!

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Source: Catamaran Racing News

Catamaran Racing News - Flo1 by Aeronamics (article)