Flo1 Demos for French Sailing Schools

Our collaboration with our French distributor Yannick starts taking shape. The founder of Transsonique (known for the amazing ePoh) will organize demos for French sailing schools in the coming period. It is good to see an increased interest in foiling with sailing schools around Europe.

The Flo1 has proven itself to be ‘sailing school-ready’ at our partner sailing school De Randmeren, where sailors of all levels have experienced the characteristics of the Flo1 for the last two seasons. Under the flag of Foiling Experience the boats were used on a weekly basis in an intensive clinic program.

In March and April, we had a two-weekend exchange with ePoh. The first weekend Yannick visited the Netherlands to give demos in the ePoh – the weekend after we went to the foiling event ‘Foils Journées’ in Quiberon (Brittany, France) where some great young sailors got the best out of the Flo1.

Find an impression of the weekend in Brittany below.

Interested in a demo in France? Contact our French representative Yannick d’Armancourt at yannick@aeronamics.com.