Introducing the Flo1 in the USA

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of two state-of-the-art Flo1 sailing boats at East Coast Sailboats in the United States. These innovative vessels have been making waves in the sailing community, offering an exciting and unique experience on the water. Having arrived a few weeks ago, these boats are now available for demonstration at the East Coast Sailboats location.

Experience the Flo1 Difference:

The Flo1 sailing boats bring a fresh perspective to sailing, combining traditional aspects with cutting-edge design features. If you are eager to explore the waters and witness the Flo1’s exceptional capabilities firsthand,  East Coast Sailboats invite you to schedule a demo sail. Whether at their location or at your club or school, they are ready to showcase the Flo1’s remarkable performance.

Discover the Unique Features:

While the Flo1 handles like a conventional dinghy, it boasts several distinctive attributes that set it apart:

  • Versatile Launch Options: Launch the Flo1 from a slope or the beach, offering flexibility in your sailing adventures.
  • Effortless Sail Control: Hoisting and lowering the sail without a hassle, enhancing your overall sailing experience.
  • Innovative Folding Foils: The foils can be easily folded to the sides of the boat, providing convenience during various sailing conditions. Also helpfull in ports/ dinghyparcs and while docking along side a rib.
  • Traditional Sailing Experience: Enjoy sailing the Flo1 just like a traditional sailboat, offering a sense of familiarity combined with modern enhancements.
  • Stability and Performance: The Flo1 incorporates DSS-foils that not only enable foiling but also enhance stability by widening the boat’s profile. This boat achieves its peak stability when foiling, ensuring an exhilarating yet secure ride.

Demo Sailing and Special Offer:

Are you curious to witness the Flo1’s capabilities in action? Join East Coast Sailboats for a demo sail and witness firsthand the remarkable performance and stability it offers. While there is a nominal charge for the demo sail, East Coast Sailboats are excited to extend a discount towards your Flo1 purchase if you decide to take this extraordinary sailing experience to the next level.

Embrace innovation, stability, and the thrill of sailing with the Flo1 at East Coast Sailboats. Contact East Coast Sailboats to schedule your demo sail and embark on a new era of sailing adventure!

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